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Unique Homes

If you’re anything like us, you love looking at all kinds of houses whenever you get the chance. Everything from beach bungalows to cape cods…you want to tour them all! In our last blog post, we talked about the hottest markets in real estate. Today, we’re talking about the hottest homes! Zillow is giving you the chance to cast your vote on your favorite houses from across the country with the Summer Smackdown.

The theme of the article is 2018 Housing Trends, and it’s no longer about the classic colonial or the raised ranch…unique homes are what buyers want to see! The article takes us on a journey through nine head-to-head matches, each with two unique homes to choose from. So what are these nontraditional homes, and why are they so popular?

The Tiny Home

For the past few years, tiny homes have been sweeping the nation. With the attraction of affordability and simplistic living, it’s no wonder many have traded in their 2,500 square foot homes for a whopping 250 square feet of living space. They can be constructed almost anywhere and many come on wheels, offering the chance to travel the country while being right at home.

The Yurt

A yurt is a tent-like structure that was used as a shelter by many indigenous populations. Today, the yurt has been modernized to fit almost any lifestyle. The yurt’s circular design allows for one large, open space that can include everything from a fireplace to a gourmet kitchen. Like tiny homes, yurts can be built nearly anywhere, and they boast a more rustic feel.

The Treehouse

Even more rustic than a yurt, treehouses are built for the true outdoorsman. Providing complete seclusion in a forest or on a mountainside, treehouses can be more than just a kid’s backyard hangout. Today’s treehouses can reach the size of a traditional home, while suspended high above the ground. For those seeking a peaceful life surrounded by nature, a treehouse is the perfect abode.

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