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How to Save Money and Find Your Couple Style When Decorating Your First Home Together

How to Save Money and Find Your Couple Style When Decorating Your First Home Together

Buying your first house together as a couple is a big deal — and it’s also a big expense. Once the keys are yours, the next step is to make your home feel like your own. With these cost-saving tips for decorating your new home as a couple, you can enjoy this next step without worrying about the impact on your budget.

Get Ideas Before You Start Shopping

When you move in together as a couple, you’re combining styles and probably also combining furniture and decor you each already own. So you will want to find a style that works for you both, which may mean making some compromises. The first way to make sure you’re spending wisely is to get an idea of what you both want before you start spending any money. Gather design ideas that you’re both drawn to, whether on a Pinterest board or by going the old-fashioned route and flipping through magazines.

Make Cost-Conscious Purchases

Even though you’re combining households, some things simply won’t work in your new space, and others are probably ready for an upgrade. From replacing old towels to getting a new coffee maker, shopping with Bed Bath & Beyond coupons is an easy way to save money while finding all those little things in one place. This is another area where having a plan is helpful. Stick to your list of essentials, and shop smart to purchase everything you need at a discount.

Make Something New Out of the Old

When you’re on a budget, it may not be possible to get everything new. One way to make old furnishings and decor fit in with your new purchases is to upcycle and refurbish. For example, HGTV recommends painting old furniture in a color you love and updating it with new hardware, or you can add embellishments to plain furniture with stencils or wallpaper.

An added benefit to refurbishing is that it’s a great way to combine styles. This way, if you have old furniture items that you’re attached to, you can each keep some of those and upcycle them to work as a unified style. According to Apartment Therapy, one way to make this work is to keep some elements consistent, such as color or shape.

DIY Accent Pieces

You don’t have to be super crafty to create one-of-a-kind accents. Going DIY is an affordable way to get a trendy look and make your home feel like your own. With online tutorials, it’s easier to make everything from fabric covered headboards to accent pillows. We love these shibori print pillows from Sunset. The great thing about making unique accessories is that it gives you the chance to have amazing decor without spending a small fortune. This way, you can save the bulk of your budget for bigger pieces that are high quality and timeless.

When you go into it with an open mind, creating your own unique accents can be one of the most rewarding parts of home decorating. If you really get into home decorating and the whole process of setting up a new home, you may even want to explore getting into the real estate business. Our website is full of useful information about how to get into this exciting field, including how to get your real estate license.

Make Furnishings Work Extra

When you have furniture that multi-tasks, you get all the functionality you need without having to invest in as many pieces. Storage ottomans and nesting tables have become popular to maximize living room space. We also like unusual ideas, such as this coffee table that doubles as a desk or dining table. Multi-tasking furniture is ideal in small spaces, and it’s also a great way for any new homeowners to save money.

No matter what you do, decorating is an added expense on top of the other costs of homeownership. Don’t let money worries discourage you from creating the home of your dreams, though! All it takes is smart shopping and a little creativity to stretch your decorating dollar so it fits your budget.

Written by Natalie Jones.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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