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10 Staging Tips for First-Time Realtors

There’s much more to real estate than listing a home on the MLS and letting it ride. Which is why continuing education is so important!

The best realtors know how to ‘wow’ not only their client, but their prospective buyers. One way to go above and beyond is by staging a home in a proper manner.

To get you started, here is a list of 10 staging tips for those that just received their real estate license.

1.   It Hangs in the Balance

When considering your overall staging “look,” it’s important to strike a balance between homey warmth and immaculate sterility. Too inviting, and your buyers won’t be able to see past the personal touches and imagine themselves in the home. To stark, and the home looks too cold and unwelcoming. And, always go for gender neutral! Each home you stage should be inviting to everyone who walks through the door. Try leaving out a few neutral items that evoke everyday household activities, such as soap, spice racks, or fresh white towels.

2.   Spring Cleaning

De-clutter and deep-clean everything! Remove the majority of books from bookshelves, knick-knacks from shelving and surfaces, and utensils and appliances from your kitchen countertops. Clean out junk drawers, organize your pantry, and throw away any and all garbage. Recycle, donate, or sell anything that will not be kept; if surfaces are still cluttered, move excess items into storage for the duration of the sale. If you are staging multiple homes at a time, it might be easiest to contract a hauling company to take away the excess when necessary. Additionally, hire a service to do a thorough cleaning of each room, and ensure that the walls, carpets, and flooring are spotless. When managing many houses, it’s all about efficiencies and what you can outsource to make it better worth your time.

3.   Patchwork

Leave no crack, crevasse, or blemish unattended! Potential buyers will notice these imperfections and may take them as a sign that the house was not well cared for. Show your dedication by re-calking around tubs, sinks, and other fixtures, and filling nail holes, cracks, or dents in walls. Freshen up with a coat of paint! Make sure to cover up any bright or unusual colors like pink, red, or yellow. If the house doesn’t already have neutral colors, opt for neutral tones, such as grey, white, or beige. These colors are appealing to the eye and easily changeable once the new buyers have settled in.

4.   The Devil is in the Details

Attention to detail demonstrates that the home has been treated with meticulous care, drawing the attention of potential buyers. Replace any outdated, worn, or damaged fixtures, such as light covers and switches, electrical outlets, faucets, door knobs, and drawer and cabinet pulls. When you’re done, each of these items should look brand new!

5.   Walk This Way

Each home should be staged so that it is easy to navigate, with a positive focal point. Use furniture, lighting, and decor to accentuate each room’s best assets (such as a fire place), while also establishing open walkways that invite potential buyers to explore the layout of each room. Rearrange the furniture, opt for large rugs, and remove any extraneous pieces that may make rooms feel too cozy or closed off.

6.   The Final Frontier

Space! It’s not just for walkways and stargazers. Showcase every home’s storage capacity by opening up closets, pantries, cupboards, attics, and garages. Leave just enough in each area to allow potential buyers to imagine where they might put their belongings. Hang a handful of nice outfits in the closet, place some household baking necessities in the pantry, showcase an array of spotless glassware in cabinets, and leave a few clean, neatly stacked boxes in the garage or attic.

7.   Nothing Personal

While photographs, personalized belongings, and memorabilia certainly make a house a home, potential buyers need to be able to imagine each house as their home. Instead, go neutral, and use pops of color in accents and accessories. Replace anything that is personal to the current owners with more generic items, such as decorative vases, ornamental knick-knacks, and fine art photography. Always keep it classy but be sure the items you choose are less memorable than the room. Solid colors, nature photos, clocks, globes, and classic novels are a few options.

8.   Mirror, Mirror

You’ll certainly want the home you’re staging to be the fairest of them all! Mirrors are a great alternative to art and photography when you need to fill a large, blank wall. They also make rooms appear larger, capitalizing on open space.

9.   The Bright Side

Let there be light! Dim rooms are unattractive to potential buyers, as the lack of lighting makes the space seem gloomy. Where you can, capitalize on each room’s natural lighting with open or sheer window dressings. Where there isn’t much natural light, ensure that overhead lighting isn’t too harsh or too dim. Where extra lighting is needed, illuminate the space with well-placed floor and table lamps.

10. Spice of Life

Finally, add a little something fresh and natural to the atmosphere. Select the season’s best cut flowers and use them as a pop of color to accent each room. Make sure that each selection complements the colors of the walls or furniture and doesn’t clash. In the kitchen, arrange a bowl of fresh fruit, and be sure to remove the stickers! If you want to get creative, fill some attractive, clear jars with whole citrus or spices. You can also display other natural elements, like shells or stones.


Article Written By: Haley Kieser – investisdigital.com

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