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Real Estate Class Sterling Heights – Big Money, Big Opportunity


Simply put, real estate is on fire right now. If you’ve been thinking about a new career change, you need to strongly consider becoming a real estate agent. There’s a real estate class Sterling Heights available soon.

Besides the opportunity to make big money, real estate is extremely flexible. You work your own hours and you have the freedom to practice part time or full time and still be successful. And the best part is, you get to help people while doing it! Continue reading

Why you Need Michigan Real Estate Continuing Education (6 Hours)

To keep a real estate license active in Michigan, 6 hours of Michigan real estate continuing education is required each year. Taking the course is important in order to make sure that the agent is up to date with the latest laws and regulations updated by the state. By staying up to date each year, this ensures consumer protection as well as assurance when making transactions. If you are in a holding company, you are also required to complete continuing education to stay active within your holding company. Continue reading

How to Get Your Michigan Builders License

Experienced builders coordinate, work, and oversee projects. They’re responsible to meet industry and government regulations as well as the clients’ requirements. Getting a Michigan builders license helps you establish credibility with your customers and allows you to make a higher earning potential in the long run! As a licensed builder, you will become an essential part in a homeowner’s process. You will help your clients from start to finish as well as adding value to their home and additional experience to your career, one project at a time. Continue reading