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So… You might be interested in getting into a real estate? Great! (Haha…That kind of rhymed…) It all starts with a real estate class Ann Arbor.

Let me assure you: you’ve come to the right place. We are the Michigan Institute of Real Estate and we specialize in helping people get their real estate license. Since 1985, we have trained tens of thousands of students to get licensed in real estate, builder, mortgage, appraisal, home inspection, continuing education and more.

We’ll guide you every single step of the way – From providing you with helpful material to educate you along the way, to giving you free review material that drills in helpful concepts for the exam. Once you’re done with your real estate class Ann Arbor, you will be ready to sit for the Michigan Real Estate Exam – Then, you’re off to the races! All you would need is a real estate broker that will teach you the basic skills you’ll need to dominate (We will be more than happy to refer you to some great brokers in the area). Also, once you’re done with the real estate course, we will send you a free advanced real estate training course that will help you get started fast and learn how to get listings and market yourself.

Real estate is awesome and it’s the perfect  field for anyone who wants to help others, work their own hours, and make money! It’s extremely flexible and you’ll have a blast doing it. Some real estate transactions are quick money and others you’ll have to work for. But, you will learn a lot and truly enjoy the process.

To get started with a real estate class Ann Arbor, simply click this link to get more information. We also offer the class online, as a webinar, or as a home study option.

Real Estate Classes Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Milan, Manchester, Chelsea, and Dexter.

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