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Don’t Let Your Real Estate License Die! Put it in National Holding!

National Holding License

You read that right! If you decide to take a break from real estate but still want to keep your license, we can hold it for safe keeping until you decide to get back in the game.

Typically, getting back into real estate isn’t an easy process. If you let your license lapse for more than 3 years, you have to complete one of the following:

6 hours of continuing education for every year you missed
Yikes! This may be tough. Imagine if you’re 10+ years behind!

Take the 40 hour class again, without taking the exam again
This is a popular option for people in this position. They get a complete refresher, which helps to bring you back up to speed.

Go and take the exam, COLD!
You have to be pretty daring to go right to the exam without any refresher course. But, some people just know their stuff even after years without practice.

If you don’t like any of those options, there’s good news! National Holding serves as a brokerage for licensed real estate agents that are not currently employed as realtors. This allows you the freedom to decide when you want to get back to real estate, with the ability to do it quickly and easily. When you decide that you’re ready, all you have to do is transfer your license from National Holding to your new broker.

-Free 6 hour real estate course included every year
-You can STILL MAKE REFERRALS! We offer a 70/30% commission split!
-You can get back into the real estate game quickly and easily

-No MLS access (you probably won’t need it anyways)
-Cost of $85 a year
-You still have to complete 6 hours of continuing education per year, but it can be done in class, online, or as a home study with Michigan Institute of Real Estate

It’s easy to see that this is a GREAT option for someone who isn’t practicing real estate, but intends to practice again later.

For more information or to sign up, visit our website us at https://www.myrealestateschool.com/natholding.

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