Marketing is a key component of being a successful real estate agent. Being able to market the homes that you are selling to the right buyers is ultimately how home sales are established. In today’s technology laden world, there is a plethora of different avenues that real estate agents can use as part of their marketing strategies. In this section, we will break down several of these important steps to integrate in your own marketing campaign.


With most home searches beginning on the Internet, a video tour is incredibly important to let potential buyers get the feel for a home. When a video of a home is well done, it will spark interest in the right buyers. This virtual tour is what will give buyers the first impression of a home.

Social Media

Social media is important for almost every industry. Now, real estate agents must be sure to post the homes available for sale on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Direct Mail and Print

Direct mail and print cards are still a great method to inform the neighborhood that you are available to help them with real estate transactions as their real estate agent. Physical marketing materials and techniques are still one of the best ways to get your name out a as real estate agent.

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