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Finding the Right Broker

Finding the Right Broker

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You’ve almost completed all the steps to becoming a Real Estate Agent. You’ve taken your Michigan Institute of Real Estate class, you’ve passed your exam… now it’s time to find a broker! But where do you start? Before you can check that box off, you need to know how to find the right broker for you.

Brokerages are always hiring. You may have even seen a few brokers trying to recruit new agents outside of your real estate class! But not all brokerages are the same. You’ll want to interview with a few different offices before you make a decision. As a Real Estate Agent, you will be an independent contractor, which means that you get to run your own business. However, there are a few items on which the broker will set the rules. Pay attention to the following items as you narrow down your options:

Number of Hours
Does the broker require you to be full time, or will they allow you to be part time? Most brokerages seek out full time agents, but some will hire you part time as well. Make sure you know what number of hours you’re looking for, and what each broker expects of you.

You may have completed your 40 hour class and obtained your license, but you still have a lot to learn! As a new agent, it’s important to find a brokerage that offers great training to agents that are new to real estate. There’s much more to becoming a great sales person than passing a test.

Your first few months in real estate can be a rude awakening if you aren’t aware of your broker’s fees. Some don’t have any, while others will charge you for marketing, signs, business cards, and even desk space at their office! Ask for a print out of the broker’s fee structure before you accept a position.

Floor Time
Some brokerages require you to be at the office making and accepting calls for a certain amount of time per week. Others will allow you to choose how you fill your time as a Real Estate Agent. Be sure to ask about the broker’s floor time policy in the interview.

Now that you know what separates one brokerage from another, decide what works for you on the items above. Like any job, you should feel confident that you and the broker are a good match. Once you have your license assigned to a brokerage, you can start your real estate career!

Good luck, and remember to stay tuned to the MI Institute of Real Estate Blog for more information on how to become a successful Real Estate Agent!

If you still need a broker, we can recommend some great options in your area.


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